Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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I really like the small article on entering class discussions on page 135.
This article has taught me how to give my feedback in classroom conversations. I am learning how to control my anxiety through this English102 course, by constantly asking questions and learning different ways through the examples on page. 135 to interact with my colleagues on a student level.

I wish they had these books for me when i was a high school student. it really helps when their are guides on using showing the student different pointers on ways how to monologues within a group discussion. the phrase that impress me the most was "I take your point Nadia, that_____ still."
I though this phrase was very straight forward, and allowed the individual to apply his opinion to the topic without the other individual feeling offended.

I also like the phrase "though Sheila and Ryan seem to be at odds about _________, they may actually not be all that far apart". This statement shows that it is okay for two individuals to agree to disagree.

I wish that they would use this book in my son's high school. Whenever I am talking to my son about one topic that is controversial, he changes the topic without saying excuse me or sorry for changing the topic. I really feel disrepected when he does this and immediately closes any topic that we have open because of him not speaking or using english correctly.
I loved the pargagraph where it states that " in a class discussion you will do well to take some extra steps to help listeners follow you train of thought". I think this statement is so imporatant.
I really like how our professor kristen takes the time to help us understand english on a level that does not make us feel that we are stupid, but allow us to challenge ourselves in creativity when we are writing. kristen speaks eloguently on giving us steps to express ourselves in writing and through discussions in the classrooms. they say and i say is an excellent resource for indiviual reentering college and have to take english 102 for a prerequisite. The book is very short and is not overwhelming and the examples of speaking and writing are straight to the point,especiall the article that shows and individual how to enter into conversations without feeling inferior or anxious about how someone would react to their statement.

Citings: "They say I say with readings,Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, Russell Durst
Copyright 2009 by W.W. Norton& Company, Inc.

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