Thursday, December 9, 2010

blog 9

the hardest paper for me to write was the critical analysis of the movie we watch. I did not know how to put my thoughts on paper about the movie so that they would flow correctly. when I used the format ts cm cd it became alot easier for me. I am still learning how to paraphrase my thoughts so that they come from me and not directly from the person who wrote it.

It was very hard for me to create my thoughts and put them on paper. I always think about the person who is going to read my thoughts being able to critique me and judge me on my writing. this makes me feel uncomfortable and become withdrawn in critical thinking.

I love the challenges that this class had helped me to overcome. I do not think of myself as a failure and I learn to trust my thoughts on paper. I know that the reader can not judge me because I am entitled to my opinion of how I view things. I need to make sure that when I do my topic sentence and present my concrete details that is allow the reader to understand what I am trying to say instead of creating confusion.

I wish that majority of our prerequesite classes have more teachers like ms. peters. she makes you feel comfortable about understanding and english. ms peters does not judge and gives the person creative ways to understand how to write essay papers.

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